Laureen + Edna Felix

Laureen + Edna Felix

Indigenous Leaders

Leading us through beautiful opening ceremonies, brushing processions, drumming, singing and dancing, the leaders from the Secwépemc Nation/First Nations have partnered with us to lend their wisdom and history to help us to deepen our connection to ourselves, one another and the beautiful land they’re hosting us on. Spread throughout the day, these events leave an indelible mark on each soul, as we collectively usher in a new way of being, while grounding into the wisdom of those who came before us.

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Presenter: Winter Soulstice

Pam Dhillon

The multi-talented Pam Dhillon led us through a Group Bodytalk session. She is a gifted healer who has an innate ability to tune into the collective energy in real time creating beautiful shifts for healing.

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Host + Founder

Dr. Kevin Preston​

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbalist and acupuncturist, Dr. Preston is an initiator of change who’s spent years creating impact and heart-driven retreats and events like The New Human.

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Speaker: The New Human

Mark Groves

Human Connection Specialist, founder of Create the Love and Mine’d and host of the Mark Groves Podcast, Mark is a He’s a speaker, writer, motivator, creator and collaborator.

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