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In a gift economy

The more you give, the richer you are.

“The gift economy represents a shift from consumption to contribution, transaction to trust, scarcity to abundance and isolation to community.” ~ Charles Eisenstein

We know our message is reaching the right community, because we have had several people come forward and ask about ways to donate tickets to others. If it’s in their hearts, we know it’s in the morphogenic field, and it is our honour to facilitate this beautiful step toward a gift economy.

How It Works

Donate Tickets

First, thank you for your generous decision to help someone else attend The New Human: Regeneration. This action will cause a ripple effect that begins before the gift is even given to a recipient – the action alone elevates the field. So thank you.

Tell Us About Yourself

Our donation form will ask you a bit about why you’d like to donate, who you are, and leave space to write a note to the recipient of your ticket.

Choose Your Donation Amount

You can decide how many tickets you’d like to purchase, which type, or you can donate a lump sum that will be used to subsidize tickets for those who need it.

Learn About The Human You Helped

As applicants apply, they’ll tell us a bit about themselves, and why they feel called to attend the event. We’ll follow up with a note about the person you’ve helped.

Please note: New Human Events is not a registered charity, therefore we cannot provide you with a tax receipt for your gift. 

How It Works

Receive Tickets

Asking for what we need is a skill that many have yet to master. Being receptive to charity is exactly what allows it to exist and your request, even if it goes apparently unmet, creates a new vibration in the world calling to mind our ability to share and experience the joy of giving.

Please be aware that these tickets rely on donations, and we cannot guarantee that you will receive a ticket just by filling out the application. But it is an inspired action that alerts the universe that you’re ready to join us. Please be thoughtful in your responses and we hope to have you join us at the event.

Tell Us About Yourself

Our application form will ask you a bit about why you’d like to join us, who you are, and leave space to write a note to the human who donated your ticket.

Await Your Response

There is no guarantee that this process will bring a ticket to you, and we cannot confirm how long the wait will be. We will contact you via the information you provide in your application.

Receive Your Ticket

If your application is approved and the funds are available, we will reach out to you with instructions to receive your ticket. If the donor added a note or wants to share with you, we’ll include that too.

The New Human

Gifted Ticket Application