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Dr. Kevin Preston

New Human Events

From small group adventures to large scale events, the underlying mission of every New Human Event is to ignite the powerful flame that lies within each of us by reminding our hearts to be open and fully alive, while allowing ourselves to be witnessed by the supportive community around us – healing, rising, thriving and becoming New Humans together.




Liberate The New Human Within

We curate and create events that liberate and nourish the big wave surfers: The people that are here to ride the massive waves of change into a new energy and healthy expression on this planet.

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Ride The Wave With Us

Riding high up near the top of the wave, you’re able to see further into the future than most people. Despite the incredible views, your placement in the flow of life brings responsibilities that often overshadow your own need for nurturing, stillness and repair.

New Human Events are here to remove obstructions, restore your north star, express your life to the fullest capacity and more fully bring alive your soul blueprint. Reconnecting that which has been lost and returning to our original design, and aligning with the energy needed for this shift in humanity.

Our Crew

Who We Serve

Leaders, Guides, Practitioners, Seers + those who are ready to answer the call of their soul

We’re here to create a new way of being.

Maybe you sense a seed within. Maybe you’ve seen a glimpse of the future. Maybe you’re a natural leader or called toward helping others heal. No matter which stage of your journey you’re on, if you feel a pull toward more flow, simplicity, and connecting with your divine nature you belong here.

New Human Events are about activating dormant gifts, defining the next step in your evolution, removing obstructions and learning to live an embodied life through new experiences.

When we do this work in communion with others, there is an amplification of what becomes available to us all. We aren’t meant to be in isolation, rather cultivating deeper connections with all that is around us including each other.

Upcoming Events

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October 4TH - 6TH, 2024


Live & In Person | Enderby, BC

Embark on a soul-stirring journey this October in the serene beauty of the Okanagan at The New Human: Regeneration – a transcendent weekend-long healing experience tailored for those ready for inner renewal and deep connection.

You already know the path, let your heart lead the way.

Discover and embrace your role in healing the planet as you fully immerse yourself in the frequency of possibility and love. Join us as we create and hold space to come into a deeper sense of self and find the members of our soul family to allow a real wave of lasting change.

Past Events & Retreats

Relive the magic of our recent events.

Group retreats offer many benefits and quickly create shifts and transformations that leave participants feeling more rooted and deeply held. We build on this simple, powerful truth, with the creation of a vortex of healing energy. Working in synergy with beautiful, nature-infused venues, transformative tools, and trusting that the right people will show up. Then, we allow the elements and the field to foster real and lasting transformation.

December 16th, 2023

Winter Soulstice

June 10 & 11, 2023

The New Human

September 24, 2022

Equinox Emergence

June 18, 2022


Meet The Fam


We’ve been blessed to collaborate with many outstanding speakers, practitioners and inspiring souls over the years, each delivering healing, fun and value from the New Human stage, through their various talents and unique gifts.


What Our Attendees Are Saying

Connect With Your Soul Family

Infuse Your Soul Mission With Vitality

At New Human Events you can expect to do “the work” and shed some tears. But you can also count on having a ton of fun, making lifelong relationships, increasing your impact and being thoroughly nourished at every level.