Pam Dhillon

Pam Dhillon

Quantum Healer, BodyTalk Practitioner & Bodyworker

I have two goals in this lifetime.

To dedicate my entire life to becoming the best practitioner that I can be.
To expand the consciousness of humanity so that we can restore the health of our planet and find our true expressions of beings of love.
I know. No big deal right?

But if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that when you know, you just know.

I’ve always been a little different. I started studying physical and energetic health at 17-years old. Since then my resume has grown to encompass over 40,000 clinical hours and I’ve worked as a mentor, examiner, coach and leader.

I graduated from a 3000 hour massage therapy program in 2005 and completed 300 hours of yoga training. Over 10 years, I worked to complete all levels of BodyTalk training through their association exploring energy, consciousness, quantum, physical and intuitive training. I also studied mountain shamanism in 2023.

Clients have noticed that my ability to hold clear space with a lot of insight and awareness is what sets me apart. I work in the NOW, responding instinctually to the energy that is present right there and then. When I plan too much I am stuck in the brain – and my entire message is to live in the now, and in the heart. The orchestration of my healings are not preplanned and are a strong example of the power of responding to life in the moment.

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