Courtney Wren

Courtney Wren

Somatic Relational Therapist & Mystic

Courtney is a Somatic Therapist/ Trauma (SEP), Experiential Mystic and Ceremonialist who uses her gifts to teach about sacred relationship, generational & collective healing, awakened conception, birth, parenting and more.

With training in somatic experiencing, family/systemic constellations, mysticism, energy work, shamanism/ medicine wheel/ ritual/ ceremony, pre & perinatal somatic therapy, somatic touch work/ developmental trauma, Crystalline Consciousness Technique, sacred geometry & New Earth energies, as well as being a Holistic Doula, Courtney works with Leaders, creating transformational experiences for embodied-relational healing.

Gifted in creating new ways, new pathways, new stories, new templates for the collective consciousness of the planet, she allows spirit to guide her and the people she works with into new creative expressions of life & spirit in form. She supports people in bringing their work into the new crystalline energy field of the earth so that their healing and relational growth can unfold with more harmony, coherence & grace.

She loves to hold space for deep rooted change; to meet people in the sticky, shadowy parts that are hard to hold, hard to be with, hard to love, those parts that you haven’t known what to do with. She loves to meet people in their shadows, and in that place to meet it with presence, embodiment, relationship, & compassion, meeting it with light so it can heal on all levels including in your body.

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